Why Us ?

Mopeds Hawaii was established in 1989 and our longevity in this business speaks volumes of how we have survived this long. Mopeds Hawaii is the only moped store in Hawaii with an A rating from the Better Business Bureau, our competition is not even close; not bad for a business that has existed for 20 years. 

When purchasing a moped you may want to ask the following questions:
How long has your moped shop been in business?
What is the moped shop's mechanical knowledge and how did they gain that knowledge?
In other words what good is your purchase if you cannot get parts or a warranty.
We also have  over 100 years of combined mechanical experience on 2 and 4 stroke engines. So, when you purchase a moped from Mopeds Hawaii you are not buying something from just a salesman, you are buying something from a trained mechanic with experience. We have been in this business longer than any shop in Hawaii combined, we know what's good and what's bad. Mopeds Hawaii takes great pride in this.


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Mopeds Direct has two locations located near University of Hawaii, University of Phoenix, and Chaminade Univerisity. Mopeds and Scooters not only save you time searching for parking but they also save you expenses in gas and insurance. Repairs are inexpensive and insurance is optional for any engine size below 50cc. Anything greater than 50cc requires motorcycle insurance as well as a motorcycle license.

There are insurance companies, such as Allstate and Hartford Auto Insurance, that may offer theft protection on mopeds and offer liability and collision insurance on scooters. Allstate or Hartford may even insure against theft in a home owners policy.Just type home and auto insurance quotes, insurance quote or online car insurance in your browser and there are an array of insurance companies to choose from. There are many home owner insurance leads that you can also find on the internet.

You may even want to donate your car in Hawaii or use your student loan money to buy a moped or scooter. A lot of people do this believe it or not !! You will definitely save more money owning a one of these two wheeled vehicles.