Mopeds Hawaii has sold almost 20,000 mopeds since our inception in 1989, most moped stores in Hawaii have been in business less than 5 years. We have sold almost every moped from every factory ever made. Mopeds Hawaii has also assembled and repaired almost every moped ever manufactured and our knowledge in this business is second to none. All of  Mopeds Hawaii mopeds are manufactured to our specifications and parts are retrofitted from the best known manufactures today. Our engine parts are from Japan and Taiwan and we are the only moped store in the United States to accomplish this. We are not smoke and mirrors saying these are made for Mopeds Hawaii specification, our moped engines are actually designed to our specifications What does this mean for you ? It means a more reliable and longer lasting moped than any other of our competitors, we gaurantee it. Mopeds Hawaii constantly strives to improve our product which means less problems for you and less maintenance cost for you in the long run.


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Engine: 1 Cyl. 2-stroke
Displacement in cm³: 49,2 / 40 x 39,2
kW/HP: 3,2 / 1.5
Nm/min: 5,1 / 5600
Emission limits: Euro 2
Cooling: Liquid
Transmission: Automatic CVT
Starter: Electric / Kick
Front brake: Disc 280
Rear brake: Disc 210
Front tyre: 110/70-17
Rear tyre: 130/60-17
Fuel capacity/consum: 8l / 2,1l - 100km
Dimensions L x W x H) in mm: 1960 x 690 x 1280
Exhaust system: INOX


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Engine: 1 Cyl. 2-stroke
Displacement in cm³: 49,2 / 40 x 39,2
kW/HP: 2,4 / 1.5
Nm/min: 4 / 5400
Emission limits: Euro 2
Cooling: Air
Transmission: Automatic CVT
Starter: Electric / Kick
Front brake: Disc 190
Rear brake: Drum 110
Front tyre: 120/70-12
Rear tyre: 130/70-12
Fuel capacity/consum: 5,2l / 2,2l - 100km
Dimensions L x W x H) in mm: 1839 x 664 x 1131
Exhaust system: INOX


gtx hawaii moped

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Engine: 1 Cyl. 2-stroke
Displacement in cm³: 49 c.c.
Max. Power 1.5 HP/7000rpm
Max. Torque 6.8 Lbs.-Ft. @ 6500 rpm
Starting System Electric
Cooling: Air-Cooled
Transmission: Automatic CVT
Dry Weight 143 lbs
Front brake: ABS Disk
Rear brake: Drum
Front tyre: 120/60 x 13"
Rear tyre: 120/60 x 13"
Fuel tank capacity 1.3 gal.
Dimensions L x W x H) in In:

65.7 x 25.1 x 42.5

Exhaust system: Silvertone High-Performance



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Mopeds Direct has two locations located near University of Hawaii, University of Phoenix, and Chaminade Univerisity. Mopeds and Scooters not only save you time searching for parking but they also save you expenses in gas and insurance. Repairs are inexpensive and insurance is optional for any engine size below 50cc. Anything greater than 50cc requires motorcycle insurance as well as a motorcycle license.

There are insurance companies, such as Allstate and Hartford Auto Insurance, that may offer theft protection on mopeds and offer liability and collision insurance on scooters. Allstate or Hartford may even insure against theft in a home owners policy.Just type home and auto insurance quotes, insurance quote or online car insurance in your browser and there are an array of insurance companies to choose from. There are many home owner insurance leads that you can also find on the internet.

You may even want to donate your car in Hawaii or use your student loan money to buy a moped or scooter. A lot of people do this believe it or not !! You will definitely save more money owning a one of these two wheeled vehicles.